img_0129So why is this blog called “Leaving Footprints”?

Our fantastic staff chose the theme of our village to be the Footprint Village.  Here’s a little excerpt from our pre-camp information:

You’re invited to Footprint Village, a place filled with possibilities, a world with no boundaries which we can build together in our own way.  Each one of you will leave your mark here in our Village and in everyone we meet during this experience.  Let’s work and grow together to impact all the world with our dreams and actions.  So get ready to spread your footprints all around!

Did you ever stop to think about the impact you have in the planet?  While the world population goes beyond 6.5 billion people and the world is growing nonstop at full speed, what difference can one person make?  Do you think you have the power to change something?  Do you believe your existance makes any difference on this gigantic world?

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.  So come dream with us at Footprint Village and let’s leave a great mark all together!

And finally, some questions that we have been thinking about:

What’s the mark human kind is leaving in the world?  Is it good or bad?
What’s the mark you are leaving in the world?
And finally, what’s the mark you want to leave?

What do you think?  What is your mark?  We’ll be leaving some of our answers as the month goes on.

And in case you are wondering…we leave in 4 days!