So far, we have had two national night presentations.  National nights are our opportunities to show a little bit about our different countries – what we eat, what we do, who we are.

Argentina was the first national night.


(The Tango)

We ate empanadas filled with beef, peppers, onions, and egg.  Darci liked them so much she ate 6!  We also saw two traditional Argentinian dances, including the tango.  Gracias, Argentina, for a great night!

France was next.


(Lyon´s Salade)

We ate a Lyonnaise meal, went on a scavenger hunt to learn about France (the current capital is Paris, the old capital was Lyon, the higest mountain in France is Mont Blanc, and we know more French words than we thought we did!)  Merci beaucoup, France, for a wonderful evening!