One of the many great things about our village is how much energy the staff puts into showing us Brazilian culture.  This week, we had a capoeira group come to the camp and perform.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance performed by slaves as a way to practice martial arts without their owners knowing.  It´s a mixture of dance moves and fighting moves.  The group that came to meet the Footprint Village consists of children who are very poor.  This group teaches them skills – capoeira and percussion instruments – to help them get out of severe poverty.



Even Thomas tried it!


After the demonstration of capoeira, music, acrobatics and folk tales, we ate lunch together.  And then it was the Footprinters´turns to share our culture!  Each delegation gave a short presentation from their own country and showed where we came from on a map.

It was an amazing opportunity and a very fun day!