That evening, Canada and the USA both showed presentations about our countries, cities, and families.  Then, it was time for the whole camp to break it down!

A little “Crank Dat” from Soulja Boy…


And a little line dancing to “Wild, Wild West” from Escape Club.


There were also appearances by Abe Lincoln (who looked a little bit like Will), Indiana Jones (very Thomas-like), and two members of the US gymnastic team, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin (who are almost as talented as Darci and Delaney).

Abe and Indy

Abe and Indy


Gold medalists

Gold medalists

And a special screening of “Steamboat Willie”, the first Disney film with Mickey Mouse!

We had one more surprise up our sleeve, but it had to wait…due to some inclement weather…

Any guesses what it was?  Stay tuned for part 3!

And thank you beaucoup (getting their official languages of English AND French in there) to Canada for being such a great partner for our national nights!